July 2018

Album Review: Ann Paul – Stay

Ann Paul is a classically trained singer-songwriter based in New York. Hailing from northern Long Island, Paul’s skill set developed smoothly, having taught herself singing and basic guitar as a child before transitioning to formal training through her teen years. Her chops as a songwriter eventually blossomed while in college, and she would continue to refine them while in pursuit of a music career. By 2015, Paul’s first album, Get Me By, was under her belt, featuring a revolving, award winning cast of talent...






Ann Paul: “STAY” – eloquently performed

It’s not easy to find really excellent singer-songwriters anymore, but in Ann Paul the talent has been found as she’s an amazing artist. Her arrangements are kept fairly simple and the words flow smoothly. Sometimes she’ll remind you of a straight acoustic folk singer voice… and then at other times there’s a shot of rhythm mixed into the arrangements which just lures the listener into her mellow groove...






Review – Ann Paul releases Stay

Stay is the 12-track compilation by New-York singer/songwriter Ann Paul. Her sophomore album offers a comfortable and uncomplicated compilation of songs that speak to the listener in the most grounded and relatable way. Her growing support base will be happy to hear her lending her voice to the different texture of her sound but can quickly recognise that every track has its own timbre, standing tall on its own. Yet it is hard not to particularly highlight Seed of Doubt and the title track that give an additional musical perspective to the release, although track 6 Dusty Train or track 9 This State of Love cannot be ignored...




December 2017

Ann Paul  releases  STAY


Stay - Ann Paul


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